The MiniDisc Appreciate Pages are gone.

I took them down, because the info was over 5-years old. Out of date and obsolete. Not to mention the Javascript was buggy.

My MiniDisc days are over. It was a fun ride, but I have moved on. All my MD stuff is long gone.

Perhaps I will use MiniDisc again someday, if someone can crack the NetMD PCM encryption.

I will leave you with some parting tips:
About 50% of all older Sony MD players that fail to play recordable discs (resulting in "DISC ERROR") can be repaired by some minor adjustment to MO FOCUS BIAS. 25% of the broken MD players cannot be repaired by tweaking MO FOCUS BIAS alone. If this is the case, sometimes they can be fixed by increasing "LDPWR", or increasing the output of the laser diode. The remaining 25% where tweaking both controls doesn't work - the optical block is too worn out so it will need to be replaced. This has been my experience with a great number of Sony MD players/recorders. I hope it helps someone.